Running in Scotland

After finishing the race in Mexico (yes, I am THAT behind on blogs!) I had a few hours before I had to get to the airport and make my way to Scotland. Why Scotland? At work the new region I’m supporting was having their annual meeting at our European headquarters office, and it was a great opportunity for me to meet the country directors I’ll be working with now. Unfortunately it meant cutting our Mexico vacation a da      y short (well mine since I was flying directly to Scotland from Mexico…..Michael would be going back to Portland first) but on the flip side it meant another mini-vacation in Scotland! We were able to use frequent flier miles to have Michael fly out to join me at the end of my meeting in Scotland, and my boss approved me switching my original vacation day to the other end of the trip….and adding in that there was a holiday on that Monday, we got a long weekend!

The last time I was in Scotland, I was there for the Edinburgh Rock n Roll Half Marathon. (ps don’t look for the post on that race, I apparently never did one! such a slacker I am).

I had been in Nigeria for work and was able to work my flights out so that I could stop for a long weekend on my way back.  And because I have awesome friends who also like to travel, my two friends Amanda (yes, both named Amanda!) were also there.

The race itself was actually pretty miserable. I wasn’t in shape and it was rainy, windy and cold. But we finished! And from running an international Rock n Roll race and a domestic one, we got an extra medal! The “World Rocker” medal. Heck yeah, we rocked the world!!


Amanda and I with both our Rock n Roll Edinburgh medals AND Rock n Roll World Rocker medal!!!

This time since there was no race, and I had just run the one in Mexico…correction, I had just ROCKED the one in Mexico, the running in Scotland this time was just for fun.  The hotel that we were staying at was in a great location close to everything, including a nice park, the Meadows which had a nice path all the way around and was full of runners, which was nice since I had to get up early to try to squeeze a run in before our meetings and it felt safer to be with others. That being said, it was a little weird….I couldn’t figure out which side of the path to be running on.  Since they drive on the other side of the road, do they also run on the other side?  I don’t know if there just wasn’t any “rule” of if there were so many random people running, there was no consistency. So I just kept to the right side as I’m used to and then if someone was coming towards me, I’d move!


The next day, I decided to run around town a bit.  Edinburgh really is just a beautiful city….full of pubs! I tried counting the number of pubs I passed on my run, but lost count. Just too many! I ran up to the castle and then down to Holyrood Park and back. Holyrood Park was where the half marathon had started, so I remembered that part (although not particularly fondly!)


Michael joined me for the last part of my meeting and then we stayed on for a long weekend.  While still in Edinburgh, we made a stop at the Camera Obsucra right near the castle. If you’re in Edinburgh, I highly recommend going! It was a ton of fun.


We rented a car and drive up to the Highlands and back. Scotland is such an amazing country! And we visited Loch Ness which is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.


On our way back to Edinburgh, we stopped off in one town to try to get lunch and had the hardest time finding a place to eat (strange!).  But we did find a mall, so figured that would be easiest to find something. And when we walked in, this was the first thing we saw!!!!  Still not sure why it’s TK instead of TJ but I instantly felt at home 🙂