Yuengling Lager Jogger 5k – April 11, 2015

Yes, I flew across the country for the Yuengling Lager Jogger 5k. Totally worth it! It was a perfect combination of a great race (with Yuengling and pierogies at the finish) and quality time with the family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother, mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, nephews).  I’m sure most people on the east coast who can get Yuengling whenever they want don’t understand why it’s such a big deal….but it’s really a nostalgic thing for me. You know, you want what you can’t have! And we can’t get Yuengling in Oregon 😦


We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for the run. The sun was out. Although at the finish line it was a bit cold. The course was pretty hilly…..but knowing that it was in Pottsville, that was to be expected!  The crowd was great. A bunch of people were in costume….there was even a guy that was in a full spartan outfit made out of Yuengling beer cases! There were also a group of guys that were running with a log! True “logger joggers!”

After the race and getting my pierogies and beer, as we were walking around, I heard a girl in the crowd shout out, “Is that NoPo from Portland?” I was wearing my NoPo shirt. Turns out the girl was helping organize the Ecliptic Beer Mile that was happening in May and that our run club had done a “test run” for a few weeks earlier! Talk about a small world.


After the race, my dad picked us up and we headed back to my parent’s home town where I saw my grandmother and my cousin’s kids and had dinner (and dessert!) at my dad’s cousins new café. The next day we stopped back in for breakfast and then started to make the way home (well back to their home, not mine yet!)

So once we got back to Virgina, the fun wasn’t over! We pulled into our driveway, unloaded the car, and then my mom and I were off to go visit one of my best friends from high school and see her adorable daughter who had gotten so much bigger (and even cuter!) since I last saw her back in October.  then we headed to my brother’s house where we had fun with my nephews and stayed for dinner, and sang happy birthday to Lucas who had just turned 1!


I won! HB Tune hand band (thanks Running Diva Mom!)

For anyone that knows me, they know that I love free stuff! (can you really blame me?)

Just the other week, I won a giveaway from another runner’s blog, a HB Tune hand band.

(thanks Running Diva Mom for hosting and of course HB Tune for offering it up!)

hb tune hand band

I had actually already bought one a year or two ago at one of the expos (I can’t seem to remember which one…..there have just been so many!) and have really liked it.  Proof below….one of the many races I’ve run with it! (this once was the Vancouver Half Marathon)


But, when I got my new iPhone 6, it was just a little bit of a snug fit. It still worked, but I felt like it was busting out (I guess if I weren’t so lazy and would actually take my cover off of the phone before using the band that would help…but who has time for that?)

Also, since my boyfriend started running and he still has the iPhone 4, he was able to use it without problem….well, the only problem being that now we had to share one HB band!

Well…problem solved. The new band arrived on Tuesday and I’ve already taken it out on two runs.


It’s pretty much the same version as the older one I had just bigger, except for one major improvement…..before if you wanted to take the phone out of the holder while running (you know, for those awesome selfies…..) you had to unstrap the whole thing which was sort of a pain. Now, there’s a separate Velcro strap that is just for the phone. So you can take out the phone, but the band still stays on your hand. Brilliant!

If you like free stuff too….she’s got two more giveaways going on now! Check them out:

Ion Designs Reflective Transfers (great for those “it’s too hot while the sun is up” runs)

 Road Noise Vest with Speakers (essential for anyone planning on running any relay races coming up….Hood to Coast, Rogue Relay, Cascade Lakes?)


Team SunRype

In January, I got a great email to start off the year:

I’ve been selected to join Team SunRype!

Team SunRype is made up of 150 runners, triathletes and cyclists who are focused on achieving athletic excellence and possess a strong passion for their community. I’m super excited to have been chosen to be a member of the team this year.

My box of samples came in and made me even more excited! In it was a tshirt and visor and several boxes of products that I will be sharing with my running group and friends and handing out to other runners at various events throughout the year.

Before I can hand out the products, I of course had to try them all out. DELICIOUS! They’re 100% fruit.   I’m still trying to decide which flavor is my favorite…but they’re all just too good.

As part of the team, we get Team SunRype gear to wear during races. I hope mine arrives in time for some of my upcoming races…..next up is the DC Rock n Roll Half Marathon in March. I’ll be heading home for a long weekend to run the race with my brother, watch the Blazers play the Wizards (again, but in DC this time!), and spend some time with the family and see a few friends.IMG_7132

Footage from the NoPo Run Club – Halloween 2013

Yesterday at our Wednesday NoPo run, we had the honor of being filmed by a film crew as part of an upcoming documentary. In true NoPo style we celebrated Halloween in a variety of fun costumes and were all in great spirit. Information from the documentary folks is below (http://vimeo.com/wmyrunners)

See if you can spot me….I’m one of the 4 flappers (the one in red!) Three of us girls were red, white and green….and one of our awesome and speedy guy runners wore the blue dress!!!


Told from the point-of-view of runners from all walks of life, the film will explore the inspiration and motivation that modern cultures associate with running.
On the surface, the reasons people run seem obvious; vanity, health, stress, competition to name a few. But what of there is a deeper, more intrinsic compulsion that connects people who choose to run for enjoyment regardless of ethic, socioeconomic, religious, geographical backgrounds, or their physical differences?

Runners share an uncommon bond in today’s society, whether it’s through participation in the events or a simple ‘hey’ on an isolated nature trail.

With breathtaking landscapes, high-profiles races and quirky tribal-like parades as the backdrop, we join hardcore and casual runners alike on their individual journeys to health and wellness, weight loss, competition, stress release and companionship, with one goal in mind; to find out what moves them.

Everyday more and more people are making running part of their daily routines and part of their lives. So we are setting out on a quest to ask as many of them just one simple question; What Moves You?