Chicago Marathon 2015

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing another marathon for a few months now. I’ve done 4 so far (Portland, Marine Corps (2x) and Little Rock). Portland was the only one I really trained seriously for and had a real goal. The others were more or less for fun, with no expectations. Unfortunately, after all my hard work training for Portland, the Tuesday before I came down with strep throat. NOT ideal! I still ran and finished anyways, but am really curious to see what I’m capable of.

Since I am horrible at making actual decisions, I let someone else decide for me….the Chicago Marathon lottery! I put in my name and waited.

April 28th was the longest day EVER!!! I know I wasn’t alone with constantly hitting refresh and checking my status over and over and over….until I got this wonderful sign!


So it’s official….I will be running the Chicago Marathon in October! I’m still having an internal debate about what my goal is going to be. It’s still quite a ways out, so for now I’m going to focus on dropping a few pounds and getting a good base of miles in. Then in June, serious training starts!

Let the fun begin 🙂


I won! HB Tune hand band (thanks Running Diva Mom!)

For anyone that knows me, they know that I love free stuff! (can you really blame me?)

Just the other week, I won a giveaway from another runner’s blog, a HB Tune hand band.

(thanks Running Diva Mom for hosting and of course HB Tune for offering it up!)

hb tune hand band

I had actually already bought one a year or two ago at one of the expos (I can’t seem to remember which one…..there have just been so many!) and have really liked it.  Proof below….one of the many races I’ve run with it! (this once was the Vancouver Half Marathon)


But, when I got my new iPhone 6, it was just a little bit of a snug fit. It still worked, but I felt like it was busting out (I guess if I weren’t so lazy and would actually take my cover off of the phone before using the band that would help…but who has time for that?)

Also, since my boyfriend started running and he still has the iPhone 4, he was able to use it without problem….well, the only problem being that now we had to share one HB band!

Well…problem solved. The new band arrived on Tuesday and I’ve already taken it out on two runs.


It’s pretty much the same version as the older one I had just bigger, except for one major improvement…..before if you wanted to take the phone out of the holder while running (you know, for those awesome selfies…..) you had to unstrap the whole thing which was sort of a pain. Now, there’s a separate Velcro strap that is just for the phone. So you can take out the phone, but the band still stays on your hand. Brilliant!

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