Team SunRype

In January, I got a great email to start off the year:

I’ve been selected to join Team SunRype!

Team SunRype is made up of 150 runners, triathletes and cyclists who are focused on achieving athletic excellence and possess a strong passion for their community. I’m super excited to have been chosen to be a member of the team this year.

My box of samples came in and made me even more excited! In it was a tshirt and visor and several boxes of products that I will be sharing with my running group and friends and handing out to other runners at various events throughout the year.

Before I can hand out the products, I of course had to try them all out. DELICIOUS! They’re 100% fruit.   I’m still trying to decide which flavor is my favorite…but they’re all just too good.

As part of the team, we get Team SunRype gear to wear during races. I hope mine arrives in time for some of my upcoming races… up is the DC Rock n Roll Half Marathon in March. I’ll be heading home for a long weekend to run the race with my brother, watch the Blazers play the Wizards (again, but in DC this time!), and spend some time with the family and see a few friends.IMG_7132


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