March Madness (and not the basketball kind!)

March has turned out to be quite an action packed month. So far I’m signed up for 3 official races: Little Rock Marathon, Shamrock Run 15k and Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon.  I may possibly be doing an “unofficial” half marathon (which is huge for me – as my running friends know – since there is no medal!).  And then I am toying with the idea of signing up for another half in Portland (against my better judgment).

Although, all of this could go down the drain depending on how this weekend goes. This weekend being the Little Rock Marathon which I apparently forgot to train for. Granted, my two week trip to Nigeria didn’t help at all, but still I am feeling completely unprepared for this race.  My longest run has only been 14 miles.  And after the race in Nice and the long run last weekend my shins and ankles have been giving me serious worry.  I keep trying to go into the race with no expectations and to just enjoy it.  But that is crazy hard to do when all I can think about is the first half I ran with no training and how badly it hurt during the race and even more so how much pain it caused afterwards (remember the boot?)  I have come a long way since then, and feel that I’m smart enough to know when to stop pushing myself, but still, I can’t help but worry.

I think the next few days I need to start focusing on the positive. It is going to be a great weekend after all. The weather is supposed to be fantastic (sunny and a high of 54 degrees!) It’ll also be a fun weekend getaway with a great friend. And an added bonus, a friend from way back, who I haven’t seen in years will also be there.

So, the goal for the next few days: start thinking positive about the marathon.

The goal for Sunday: finish without injuries and have fun.

The goal for the rest of March: resist signing up for any more races this month!!!

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